Charging an electric car at home is now cheaper than at a Dutch charging station

AMSTERDAM - The introduction of the energy price cap in the Netherlands means that it may be cheaper for many electric car owners to charge their vehicles at home instead of at a rapid charging station. Households that benefit from the price cap will find that it is more than 50 percent cheaper to charge a vehicle with the low rate than at a Fastned station, said price comparison website Pricewise. However, repeatedly charging a vehicle can push a household’s energy consumption beyond the limit covered by the low pricing scheme. 


“Fully charging the Tesla Model S at home now costs around 30 euros at 0.40 cents per kWh,” Pricewise pointed out in a statement. That rises to 62.25 euros for a full charge under Fastned’s current tariff for all consumers, 0.83 cents per kWh. The Fastned Gold subscription, which costs about 12 euros per month, does afford a 30 percent discount, which brings the price of a full charge to 43.58 euros, not including the monthly fee. 


Back in August, energy prices at home were about 0.77 per kWh, while Fastned’s standard rate was 0.68 cents. That meant Tesla Model S owners paid 58 euros for a full charge at home, versus 51 euros at Fastned. This dipped even lower to 36 euros with a Gold membership. 


“Charging that same Tesla only cost an owner 18 euros in August 2021,” said Pricewise director Hans de Kok. “The costs for a kWh were then around 0.24 cents. A year later, in August 2022, you paid three times as much to charge your car at home.” 


The national government’s price ceiling went into effect in January. Although it does provide a guaranteed rate, that rate only applies when remaining below the maximum consumption limit of 2,900 kWh per year. “If they charge their car after they have reached the consumption of the price cap, they may spend about the same amount as with a fast charger,” De Kok said. He also noted that Budget Energie published a new rate for its clients of 0.39 cents, just below the price cap rate. That can give electric car owners a distinct reason to continue charging their cars if they think the energy rates will remain low for the year. 


“If the purchase price of energy falls further or remains at last week's level, I expect that several energy suppliers will lower their prices below the price ceiling. The weather conditions will play a major role here, in addition to the wholesale prices for gas.” 

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