Amsterdam officially bans commercial fireworks on New Year's Eve

AMSTERDAM - No fireworks will be allowed in Amsterdam on New Year's Eve this year. As an alternative, the municipality will organize professional fireworks shows in several locations around the city.

The city council already decided that the use of fireworks in the city will be banned. The city’s legal code, APV, was just amended to make the ban possible. A majority of Amsterdammers have had "enough of the nuisance caused by fireworks," and a majority are "in favor of a ban against setting off consumer fireworks," according to the municipality. It will still be possible to purchase fireworks at stores set up for this purpose.

This year the municipality is organizing a New Year's celebration on Museumplein with a fireworks show, a musical program, and a light and laser show. There will also be a professional fireworks show organized in every city district. The city is also providing grants for festive New Year’s initiatives organized by the people of Amsterdam themselves.

All plans remain dependent on the coronavirus measures in place during New Year's Eve, the municipality said. "Together with the enforcement services, we are looking for a good balance between sufficient capacity and manageability. Finally, extra celebrations in the city can also lead to greater demands being placed on the capacity of the services."


At the end of 2020, a temporary national ban on detonating fireworks and selling fireworks was in place due to coronavirus restrictions. 

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