Walroud: Either an emergency law or everything runs its course

WILLEMSTAD - Member of Parliament for the coalition party PAR Stephen Walroud calls on all other factions in parliament to also give their support to the National Ordinance on Exceptional Situations, so that it can finally be adopted as official law. If they fail to do so, they will be responsible for the further outbreak of Covid-19 and all future deaths from Covid-19, he says.

According to Walroud, the moment of truth has now come to make a choice. It is either the emergency law or let everything run its course. The MP said this in a press release.

Walroud explains that the government must have the right instruments to deal with any calamity or special situation. The government has been in great need of an emergency law in recent months, but did not have it, Walroud said. It has been pending from 2018 and is now finally ready for a vote.

Walroud: "In these times where there is a Covid crisis, the Rhuggenaath cabinet simply cannot guarantee without the emergency law that the number of infections will remain at an acceptable and manageable level. Certainly given the behavior of some groups in our society, that many leaves something to be desired. This makes it increasingly difficult for the authorities to act."

In other words, either the State Ordinance on Exceptional Situation will come into effect as soon as possible or we will let everything take its course. If the choice is the latter, then only the strongest will survive, Walroud argues.

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