UTS and FLOW promise better service

WILLEMSTAD - In advertisements on social media, telecommunications company UTS solemnly promises its customers to improve its services.

The complaints have recently been skyrocketing over the services provided by both UTS and FLOW - both now under Liberty Global - to the Curaçao community.

"You spoke and we listened," said Danny Macaya, country manager of UTS, in the social media announcement.

"We are committed to providing the Curaçao residents with a better connection, service experience and value, while committed to providing clarity, transparency and accountability to our customers."

Macaya goes on to say it desires to "give UTS customers the tools to connect and the opportunities for continued success." “We know that the services we provide are of great importance and we work hard to make sure we meet the need and even exceed expectations. Our ultimate goal is to keep our community connected to what matters most to them; that is our goal for today and later.”

Another ad announces a new toll-free phone number for both UTS and FLOW where customers can reach customer service: 9363.

The telecommunications company's promises are being met with skepticism by customers who say they should "see it first and then believe it". "Talk doesn't fill any holes," says another customer, while others take the opportunity to complain that they have been waiting days, weeks or months for some service from UTS and FLOW. Especially the poor image quality of UTS and the internet connection of FLOW that is regularly slow, are discussed.

Previously, several Members of Parliament have also expressed negative about the service of UTS and FLOW. "The new owner has a monopoly and does what he wants with us," said MAN MP Eugene Cleopa earlier, referring to Liberty Global. Instead of getting better, the company's services have gotten worse, he says. And Member of Parliament for MFK Jacinta Constancia called the internet service "disastrous" after its takeover by Liberty Global.

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