Updates coronavirus: Second person infected; several being monitored

WILLEMSTAD - The second COVID-19 case has been confirmed by the local authorities. The partner of the man who tested positive yesterday also contracted the virus and is in isolation with him. The Dutch couple arrived last week Thursday.

There are also 38 people being monitored by the authorities. At most of them the incubation period has already passed. Several of them are from the Brabant province in the Netherlands. Authorities do not say if these 38 people have visited other countries before traveling to Curaçao.

There is one couple that after going through the second test it is still inconclusive. Medical experts cannot say if the results are positive or negative. They will remain in quarantine.

All planned flights operated by KLM, TUI, and Condor for this weekend will be empty to take tourists back to their country. Only the body of one deceased person will be transported in one of these flights.

Those who are residents of Curaçao and are in the Netherlands must wait until after Monday to return. They must contact their travel agent. The reason is that certain administrative adjustments must be taken care of first.

At the airport, all e-gates are closed. This means that all travelers must go through immigration where they will be asked some questions. Of course, this will bring with it some delays but the government says safety is first.

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