The Netherlands sends American healthcare personnel to Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD - In order to assist the hospital staff in Curaçao during the corona crisis, extra healthcare personnel are brought in from the United States at the expense of the Netherlands. That is what the Curaçao Minister of Health Suzanne Camelia-Römer announced.

The minister said on Wednesday that it concerns 82 people: five intensivists, fifty nurses for intensive care, thirteen nurses and fourteen paramedics specialized in intensive care. This extra care staff will come "soon" and, according to the minister, will be hired and paid by the Netherlands. Curaçao takes care of the stay.

In addition, Curaçao gets eight doctors and specialists and twelve nurses from Cuba at its own expense. The Netherlands has recently sent 42 additional IC respiration units to the Caribbean countries of the Kingdom, twelve of which are on Curaçao.

On Curaçao, the number of registered corona infections has been stable for a few days, with fourteen cases. One person died, ten recovered. A patient with corona symptoms is in the hospital.

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