Rhuggenaath: Curacao-Netherlands Covenant is not a disguised instruction

WILLEMSTAD - Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath denies that the cooperation agreement between Curacao and the Netherlands would be a disguised instruction.

This suggestion was made in the Dutch media. The Netherlands cannot formally intervene in Curaçao, but the covenant could well be seen in this way.

By means of this covenant, the Netherlands will become more involved with the governance in Curaçao.

The Dutch news television NOS wrote that the covenant 'is a bit like what was done on Bonaire a few months ago, which falls under the direct authority of The Hague and where the government had no choice to accept what the Netherlands wanted. Curaçao does have that choice, and this is entirely voluntary. Probably to show good will, because Curaçao is not waiting for a formal financial instruction from the Netherlands, according to the NOS.

Rhuggenaath confirms that the covenant was not intended to prevent an instruction by the Kingdom Council of Ministers. “The process of the Committee for Financial Supervision and a possible instruction are separate from this covenant,” said Rhuggenaath.


It was also announced that the Council of Ministers has taken the decision to immediately introduce an overall commitment stop. As a result, no new financial obligations can be entered into at least until the end of February.