RdK may collect $52 million by selling Venezuelan Bopec

WILLEMSTAD - Refineria di Korsou, the owner of the Curaçao refinery, may sell Propernyn. The Dutch company is a subsidiary of the Venezuelan oil company PdVSA. Oil terminal Bopec on Bonaire is part of Propernyn, among others.

This was determined by the Supreme Court in the Netherlands. The sale is the result of various seizures of assets of PdVSA, which owes more than 52 million dollars to RdK.

These debts arose after the Venezuelan state-owned company failed to pay the refinery's lease in the last two months of 2019. PdVSA also did not pay the fees for using the Curacao Refinery Utilities (CRU).

The refinery owner is launching a public sale to monetize PdVSA's assets. The proceeds from this sale, says RdK, guarantee the continued operation of the refinery in Curaçao.

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