RdK and Global sign agreement for asphalt production and export

In the first phase, over 300 contractors will be needed 


WILLEMSTAD - During an official ceremony set to take place on Thursday, June 8th, Refineria di Korsou (RdK) and Global Oil Management Group will sign a 5-year agreement for, among other things, the production and export of asphalt. Global Oil Management Group (GOMG), one of the leaders in the niche market of asphalt production and export, will proceed with the necessary preparations for the operation of the facilities. This collaboration does not hinder the ongoing process of finding an operator for the refinery. 


Refineria di Korsou (RdK) has been in extensive negotiations with Global Oil Management Group (Global) for some time now to reach an agreement for Global to produce and primarily transport asphalt to the American market.


Initially, it must be mentioned that for the next 5 years, Global will be responsible for the operation, maintenance, and asphalt production at RdK Emmastad. Global will start immediately, and in the coming months, they will invest millions of US dollars to begin the production preparations. This will require approximately 300 contractors. Additionally, Global has entered into a service agreement with CRU (Curaçao Refinery Utilities), which includes specialized services, laboratory services, security, and firefighting services, among others. Global will utilize between 10 to 15% of RdK's facilities, which means that RdK will need to increase its workforce responsible for maintenance and production. Furthermore, a spin-off for businesses, primarily related to the maritime sector, will also be promoted outside of RdK. 


These developments, along with RdK's long-term initiatives on its premises, will not hinder RdK's main goal, which is the process of reaching a strategic partner to manage and operate the refinery. In the agreement with Global, there is a clause that specifies that if necessary, for example, if the future operator wishes to manage the asphalt-related operations as well, the collaboration can be paused with a notice period. RdK continues its efforts and will inform the community of developments as the accelerated search process progresses.