Punda and Otrobanda in lockdown until Friday; Curfew tonight from 8:30pm until 6am

WILLEMSTAD - The Punda and Otrobanda districts in Willemstad will remain closed until Friday morning. Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath and Justice Minister Quincy Girigorie just announced this during a specially arranged press conference.

Then press conference was held in response to the disturbance of public order after the manifestation at Fort Amsterdam today. After this, looting, destruction, and arson occurred in the center. Rhuggenaath was shocked by the unrest: “We have to make a sacrifice to move forward, these are measures from the Netherlands. We all need to make these adjustments. We are looking for solutions to move forward and maintain peace for all people. Destruction and aggression do not help with this. This will destroy the center and our beautiful island.”

Minister Girigorie reported that six people have been arrested at this time but indicated that more people will be arrested. He says that freedom of protest is something completely different from disturbing public order. This has consequences, says Girigorie. "We are going to track down the responsible people." It was previously announced that police chief Sambo has resigned because of the situation.

The Minister also announced that there is a general curfew from 8:30pm until 6am.