Poll: Gain for MFK and PNP, loss for PAR and MAN

WILLEMSTAD - According to a poll, political parties MFK and PNP will win several seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Kenniscentrum / UDC conducted a survey of voters on their voting behavior on behalf of the newspapers Antilliaans Dagblad and Èxtra. The current governing coalition - PAR and MAN - will lose votes and will not be able to form a majority together.

The survey, which was held between 1 and 10 March, also shows that a large group (38 percent) does not want to say who they will vote for, says Kenniscentrum Curaçao, part of the University of the Dutch Caribbean (UDC).

The survey was conducted among those entitled to vote in Curaçao. During the first ten days of this month, 1,607 voters were asked what they voted in the previous elections and which party they will vote for on 19 March. In addition, they were asked which political leaders they trust.

As many as 81 percent of the voters say they will vote on March 19, a higher percentage than normal in this type of survey. The rest say they will not vote.

Of the respondents who did make their vote known in the poll, 26 percent say they vote for the MFK (of Gilmar "Pik" Pisas, successor to the convicted Gerrit Schotte); and 18 percent on the PNP (from Ruthmilda "Mimi" Larmonie-Cecilia, former candidate and minister for Pueblo Soberano of the late Helmin Wiels).

The two government parties PAR (of Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath) and MAN (with Steven Martina, the current Minister of Economic Development, as the foreman) "are losing many votes," the researchers said.

"Only 9 percent and 8 percent respectively say they will vote for them." Of the new parties, UKPK (Un Kambio pa Kòrsou van Raichel Sintjacoba) and KEM (Kòrsou Esun Mihó, with Michelangelo 'Low' Martines as party leader and former FOL politician Anthony Godett as number two on the list) score the highest, with 9 percent respectively 8 percent of the votes.

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