Pisas cabinet sworn in on Monday

WILLEMSTAD - The new cabinet of MFK-PNP signature will be sworn in next Monday, June 14. Both parties gained enough seats in parliament to form a majority in the March 19 elections.

Governor Lucille George-Wout discussed the formation's final report yesterday afternoon with the political leaders of MFK Gilmar 'Pik' Pisas and of PNP Ruthmilda Larmonie-Cecilia.

The governor also discussed the final report of the formation with the formateur Chester Peterson. George-Wout was informed about the formateur's findings with regard to the formation of a new cabinet.

The swearing-in ceremony of the new cabinet will take place next Monday at the governor's palace. The exact time has not yet been announced. Usually a swearing in takes place in the morning hours.

The visit to the governor was described as pleasant by Pisas, which included the resignation of several current members of parliament and the appointment of new members. The MFK leader states that the governor "doesn't think it is correct" the current way in which Parliament members submit their resignation, after which a quorum cannot be formed to admit new Parliament members, and that therefore talks have been held with the clerck of the Parliament and the Supreme Electoral Committee to find a way to prevent this.

In any case, the current PNP and MFK Members of Parliament who will become ministers will submit their resignations next Monday, June 14. Before that, however, Larmonie-Cecilia says, parliament will review and approve the credentials of the successors.

"Then the new MPs can also take the oath on Monday, before or after us, and continue the work of parliament," said the PNP leader.

Pisas, who publicly confirmed the names of the ministers of his cabinet for the first time yesterday, said he is "well aware" that his cabinet will face a major challenge.

“We know the situation is precarious. Otherwise, we would not be here now," said the incoming Prime Minister, who then indicated that the Netherlands was asked for time in adopting the laws necessary to meet the conditions for further liquidity support.

“We regret that this has been delayed. The fact is that a decision will be made on June 18; so we are now in an urgent situation, but we hope that we can find a solution soon or that we can ask for a postponement. We have not come to argue with the Netherlands, but to find solutions for Curaçao in mutual respect. We were not part of the policy that has been going on for years that has left us in this predicament. We must therefore now be given the chance to remedy a few things.”

The Pisas cabinet will take office on Monday with seven ministers: Pisas (MFK) as Prime Minister and acting Minister of Justice; Charles Cooper (MFK) as Minister for Traffic, Transport and Spatial Planning; Dorothy Pietersz-Janga (MFK) as Minister of Health, Environment and Nature; Javier Silvania (MFK) as Minister of Finance; Sithree 'Cey' van Heydoorn (MFK) as Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport; Larmonie-Cecilia (PNP) as Minister of Social Development, Labor and Welfare and Acting Minister of Economic Development; and Ornelio 'Kid' Marina (PNP) as Minister of Administration, Planning and Services. Minister Plenipotentiary of Curaçao in The Hague will be Carlson Manuel (MFK).

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