Opposition MP seeks clarity on housing sales from Minister Cooper

WILLEMSTAD - Member of Parliament for the opposition party Ana Maria Pauletta is calling for greater transparency from the Minister of Traffic, Transportation, and Urban Planning (VVRP), Charles Cooper, regarding the sale of the remaining homes managed by Woningbouw NV. Pauletta expressed her concerns in a letter addressed to the VVRP Minister. 

Pauletta is particularly interested in understanding the steps that have been taken to transfer these homes to the Social Housing Foundation (FKP) in preparation for the dissolution of Woningbouw NV. "Given FKP's financial difficulties, this option is worrisome and challenging to realize," stated the parliamentarian. She also inquired about the last time there were discussions between Woningbouw NV and the residents. 

In 1996, the government decided to sell the homes to the residents and dissolve the state-owned company Woningbouw NV. The last parliamentary meeting on this issue occurred in 2018, during which both residents and the former management of Woningbouw NV were consulted. 

Following the meeting, the ministry sold approximately 13 homes in 2018 and 2019. According to the 2021 annual report, 38 of the original 167 homes remain unsold. Conversations with residents have led Pauletta to conclude that a sustainable solution for the sale of the remaining 38 homes has yet to be found.