Obispo MP: “Annual accounts 2014 till 2017 of Country Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD - Member of Parliament for the coalition party PAR, Curtley Obispo in a press release indicated that on April 24, 2018, he had sent a letter to Minister of Finance Kenneth Gijsbertha about the trajectory of the annual accounts 2015 till 2017 of the country. The letter was based on the reality that former governments which were in office from October 10, 2010, until December 22, 2016, were never able to submit on time the annual accounts of 2010 till 2015 to Parliament.

Based on the reports of the Court of Audit of December 2018 and February 2019, Obispo MP applauds the Minister of Finance and the entire government which have worked diligently to be able to submit the annual accounts 2015 till 2017 to Parliament. These accounts were audited by the Accountants Bureau (SOAB) and the Court of Audit. “This way the government can continue working and also submit the three bill proposals that determine the annual accounts for the years 2015, 2016 and 2017,” said the MP in his press release.

There is also the real possibility for the government to submit the annual account of the year 2018 to parliament in 2019. “This means that for the first time in our history since the new political structure of October 10, 2010, the government is on time. The government should do its utmost to accomplish this,” said the PAR MP.

The Member of Parliament asked several follow questions on this topic in a recent letter to the Minister of Finance. Questions such as when will parliament receive the answers on questions asked about the annual accounts of 2014? When will parliament receive the other three bill proposals to determine the annual accounts of 2015, 2016 and 2017?


The MP also supports the ‘road map’ trajectory of the government which is the effort to improve the financial administration system and management which will ensure that by October 15, 2022, parliament will receive the audited and approved annual account of 2021. 

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