Navy ship intercepts more than 2000 kilos of drugs

WILLEMSTAD - The naval ship Zr.Ms. Zeeland, intercepted a transport with over 2,000 kilos of drugs in the night of 28 to 29 January. The interception happened during a nighttime patrol in the Caribbean Sea. The suspected packages with drugs and the passengers have been handed over to the American Coast Guard.

A plane from the Caribbean Coast Guard detected a suspicious contact on the open sea last Monday. The vessel stood out because of the sailing behavior and the position. Thanks to the deployment of the NH90 helicopter, a fast FRISC interceptor with an American coastguard team on board, the suspect boat could be stopped.


The commander of Zr.Ms. Zeeland, captain-lieutenant at sea Paul Bijleveld, is satisfied with the enormous catch and, above all, proud of the way in which the various services work together. "All in all a very successful action. Through smart and good teamwork between the Coast Guard, the NH90, the team of the American Coast Guard and the crew of Zr.Ms. Zeeland has succeeded in this action. "

Station ship


Zr.Ms. Zeeland is an Oceangoing Patrol Vessel of the Royal Netherlands Navy. The ship has been stationary in the Caribbean since December. She has already held a go fast during that period and found a large amount of suspicious money. She also disrupted a drug transport, in which the crew of a suspicious ship threw packages (presumably drugs) over board.

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