Minister Blok spoke with opposition leader Gauidó about Venezuela

THE HAGUE, WILLEMSTAD - The Kingdom Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok has spoken by telephone with Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó. According to Blok, it was a good conversation about the developments in Venezuela.


Guaidó, who is recognized by the Netherlands as interim president of Venezuela, said today that he had consulted with the Netherlands about a support center for aid in the Caribbean. In a reaction, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that there are no concrete plans yet.

The opposition leader made his statements this morning after a church service to a reporter from the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional. Guaidó had previously reported that there are three support points.

Curaçao then announced that it would be willing to take on a role in aiding if the island were to be used. But later, Prime Minister Rhuggenaath said that humanitarian aid could further tighten things up and that Curaçao is not waiting for a further escalation.

In response to the latest reports, a spokesman in Willemstad says that there are no concrete plans and that Curaçao is not aware of discussions with The Hague about assistance to Venezuela.


Trucks with US relief supplies for Venezuela are currently being stopped at the Colombian-Venezuelan border. President Maduro, who suffers a huge crisis in his country, has said that aid cannot enter Venezuela. He has closed the bridge between the Colombian city of Cúcuta and Venezuelan territory with containers.

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