Interim President Central Bank points finger at Minister of Finance

WILLEMSTAD - The problems surrounding the background check of the candidate minister for economic development Neysa Schoop-Isenia has taken another turn now that the interim president of the Central Bank Leila Matroos-Lastes is pointing fingers at the Minister of Finance Kenneth Gijsbertha.

Recently it became known that there was a very negative memo against Mrs. Schoop-Isenia during her time as assistant managing director at the Giro Bank. Incidentally, the Central Bank does not count as an advisory body as referred to in the screening law. However, Matroos-Lasten has forwarded this memo to the minister of finance and thereby expressed an opinion on the suitability for a ministerial position, according to Schoop-Isenia’s lawyer Michael Bonapart.

According to the lawyer, these are unilateral internal notes that the Central Bank had prepared in 2014 about Schoop-Isenia. During that time Girobank, which has been under the emergency regulation since December 2013. The memorandum contains serious accusations, suggestive statements and factual inaccuracies that the CBCS had never previously made known to Schoop-Isenia, for instance for rebuttal.

The question arose, who leaked this memo to the media. Minister Kenneth Gijsbertha says that it was not him.

The supervisory board of the Central Bank announced in a press release that they will investigate to find out who leaked this sensitive information.

The interim president, Mrs. Matroos-Lasten immediately communicated with the bank’s employees through a letter that it was the minister of finance who gave the memo to a third party. Now this letter was also leaked to the media.

"Dear colleagues,

Last week you were able to take note of various negative attacks against me and the Bank.

I can imagine that you are concerned about this.

I regret the fact that confidential information from the Bank was handed over to a third party by the Minister of Finance, as he himself indicated in the media, and that this was reported in the media shortly thereafter.

I regret this negative reporting for the Bank and its employees.

This issue has our explicit attention. I continue to count on your dedication. That is greatly appreciated.

Leila Matroos-Lasten,

President a.i. "

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