Government announces mandatory antigen test

For people traveling form a high-risk country

WILLEMSTAD - The government of Curaçao announced that as of Tuesday, April 18, 2021 anyone traveling to Curaçao from a high-risk country, region or place is required to take an antigen test three days after arrival on the island.

Each passenger must arrange an appointment and pay for the antigen test at least 48 hours before departure to Curaçao. Proof of this must be submitted together with a negative PCR test result (not older than 72 hours) and the Passenger Locator Card (PLC) via

The government indicates that all these documents must also be submitted hard copy upon arrival in Curaçao.

There are exceptions for PCR- and Antigen test for certain travelers

People exempted from the requirement to submit a negative PCR test result before departure to Curaçao:

Children under seven years of age who have no symptoms of COVID-19.
Crew members of the aircraft.
People traveling from Curaçao and returning on the same day.

People excluded from the obligation to undergo an antigen test after arrival in Curaçao:

Travelers traveling to Curaçao before April 20, 2021.
Travelers who leave Curaçao within three days of arrival.
Children under seven years of age who do not show COVID-19 symptoms.
Personnel of the U.S. Forward Operation Location Curaçao (FOL).

Individuals recently infected with COVID-19

Those individuals who were recently infected with COVID-19 and whose test result still give a positive result, are only allowed to travel to Curaçao with a negative result of an antigen test (not older than 24 hours).

In addition, the results of the most recent PCR test must also be provided or a letter from the local public health service, stating the period during which the person was infected and the person is no longer infected.

These individuals are also exempted from the requirement to take an antigen test withing three days of arrival in Curaçao.

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