Gijsbertha: Funds Giro Bank accounts fully available soon

WILLEMSTAD - The intention is that account holders of the Giro Bank will soon have all their money back. This was announced by the Minister of Finance Kenneth Gijsbertha yesterday during his time to answer questions posed by the Members of Parliament.

Work is being done with various stakeholders on a proper settlement, but what exactly happens did not say. He also has little to say about the employees of the Giro Bank: as long as the bank is in existence, they have a job and the possible buyer may also be able to accommodate them. At the end of the month, definitive information must be released about the Giro Bank.

This was also announced by the President of the Supervisory Board Etienne Ys during his recent press conference when he announced that the Central Bank will give more details about what exactly will happen with the embattled bank. This is supposed to take place at the end of this month through a press conference.

A motion was passed in parliament last night to force the finance minister to investigate the cause of the Giro Bank crisis. In doing so, it must be investigated how effective the emergency regulation has been for the bank since 2013. It must also be investigated what caused the "bank run" that clients started on 10 December last year, which caused the bank to close for a few days.

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