Gerstenbluth: "No reason to panic"

WILLEMSTAD - According to epidemiologist Dr. Izzy Gerstenbluth, there is no reason to panic now that there is an increase in bookings to Curaçao in the Netherlands. This happened after it became known this week that Dutch people are not advised to fly abroad at Christmas and in January, but they are allowed to fly to the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. According to Dr. Gerstenbluth the fear that now lives in certain parts of the population is not justified. According to some, the tourists are bringing the coronavirus to Curaçao. But Gerstenbluth states that the current system limits the risks as much as possible.

For example, persons who test positive for corona prior to the trip will not be allowed to board the aircracft. The travelers who do come to Curaçao are monitored.

According to Gerstenbluth, the Epidemiology Department of the Ministry of Health, Nature and Environment will have extra people available for check-ups at hotels and other accommodations. Dr. Gerstenbluth says that the system is not watertight, but it does prevent that if someone comes to Curaçao with the virus, the spread of the virus remains limited. He emphasizes that the local population must also adhere to the applicable corona measures.

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