Dr. Gerstenbluth: “Risk of opening borders for Dutch tourists is manageable”

WILLEMSTAD - The risk that Curaçao runs when it opens the borders for Dutch tourists is manageable. That is according to epidemiologist Dr. Izzy Gerstenbluth during yesterday’s special press conference which was also attended by the Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath and the new Minister of Economic Development Dr. Steven Martina.

“Based on the corona infection figures, we assume an average possibility of 1 to 2 infected persons in 10,000 people from the Netherlands. That is manageable. On the other hand, the figures indicate that there may be 25 infected people in 10,000 tourists from America. That risk is too big.” That is also the reason why Curaçao will not allow flights from the U.S. for now. This also means that if Aruba and St. Maarten, which depends on the U.S. for most of their tourism, open borders with the U.S., Curaçao will not allow flight to and from these two islands.

Curaçao officially announced on Monday that it would open the borders on 1 July for Dutch tourists. Tourists from America are not yet welcome. Curaçao wants to study the corona figures of Belgium and Germany in more detail, but the intention is that tourists from those countries should also be able to come. It is initially a maximum of 10,000 visitors per month.

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