COVID-19 Update: Going back to ‘normal’ step by step

WILLEMSTAD - During the daily briefing, epidemiologist Dr. Izzy Gerstenbluth gave an update on the current COVID-19 situation. A total of 286 have been tested so far. Up until now, 14 have been tested positive so far and 1 is still inconclusive but is being treated as a positive case. This person is in isolation. A total of 11 have recovered. 12 are still in travel-related quarantine. They are part of the more than 1500 people who returned to the island after the measures were announced.


Dr. Gerstenbluth says that he expects more infections that will become known when the government eases the measures. But he asks the community not to panic because the health care professionals have it under control. “This makes sense, we can monitor it and isolate people. We know that it is possible that some infections will be added after we ease the measures.”

Dr. Gerstenbluth reiterated that everything is in place to absorb more infections. “We do not hope for many infections, but there are extra beds and there is extra material, sufficient tests, people trained to take tests, everyone is on alert.”

“Because everything is now arranged, we really expect to go back to 'normal' step by step. That is not the same as we know, but the measures are scaled. The day the government announces that we will ease the measures further is coming,” said the doctor.

The Curaçao Medical Center (CMC) and the Advent Hospital are ready to continue all regular care. Step by step and maintaining social distance practice. Visiting hours are limited to prevent agglomeration. Advent is working on possibilities to keep distance, they only allow 1 person per patient (visit). People with complaints are also monitored.

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