COVID-19 Update: "Curaçao remains at 16 confirmed cases"

WILLEMSTAD - This morning epidemiologist Dr. Izzy Gerstenbluth gave his COVID-19 update stating that 343 tested has been tested so far. 134 are men and 209 are women. Of those that were tested, up until now 16 are confirmed positive cases. 13 have recovered, 1 remains in the hospital, 1 is in isolation and 1 has died (Curaçao’s first corona case).

Currently, 13 are being actively monitored at home. 24 are travel-related quarantine and there are 24 Dutch navy officers who are in quarantine. They are being monitored daily. This is the rule in Curaçao. All those that can enter the island must go into a 14-day quarantine.

Gerstenbluth emphasizes once again that the measures have dramatic consequences. There is a group that has been voicing criticism on the policy and the doctor understands it but there is no other option. “We have to do this step by step; the whole world is struggling with this. It is not about fear of the virus, but about the group that needs care and we must have the capacity for that. It's not about having just a few infections now, it's about not being prepared for a second wave,” says the doctor.

Gerstenbluth also says that he wants to return to the new normal. “We have to do this carefully. Now there are almost no infections: that is absolutely correct, but when the virus is reintroduced, we must be prepared. Everyone in the world is struggling with this, not only Curaçao, we are not unique in this. Because of all the exemptions, we are already busy opening everything. More and more people are moving around the island.”

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