COVID 19 update: 16 confirmed cases; one health care worker with coronavirus arrived yesterday

WILLEMSTAD - There is one medical employee from The United States who tested positive a few days ago and before the travel yet boarded the plane to Curaçao. There is a high probability that the person has infected other persons. According to doctor Gerstenbluth, this person is now in quarantine. The doctor is in contact with the Netherlands to arrange for the return of this health care employee to the U.S.

In the meantime, 315 have been tested and the two persons who were labeled inconclusive are now positive. This means that Curaçao has now 16 confirmed cases. One of the inconclusive cases is already safe, the other has been in isolation since the initial testing. 12 are now safe, one has died, and the others are being monitored.

15 are being monitored, these are those who had contact with infected people. 110 are in traveled-related quarantine. They are those who received exoneration to travel to Curaçao. The agreement is that everybody who enters the island must go into a 14 days quarantine. These are the American health care workers who arrived to assist Curaçao with health care in case of an outbreak.

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