Court of Justice takes action against Investico/De Groene Amsterdammer/Argos exposé

WILLEMSTAD - The Joint Court of Justice of Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba has ruled against the answers attributed to it in the investigative document of Investico/De Groene Amsterdammer, and the subsequent radio program Argos. The press judge wrote in the Antilliaans Dagblad that several judgments were incorrectly reproduced.  


At the end of May it became clear that research platform Investico, together with De Groene Amsterdammer and radio program Argos, were working on a piece about the gambling sector in Curaçao. The gambling sector tried to prevent publication of that document by means of summary proceedings, but the judge did not agree.  


Three days later the piece “Roulette with the rule of law” was published, followed a little later by the radio broadcast of Argos. As a result of the investigation, the ChristenUnie party in the Dutch Parliament submitted parliamentary questions, the trade association Coga in Curaçao called it exposé character assassination.  


The Court itself has now also responded to the document. In an article on the front page of the local Dutch newspaper Antilliaans Dagblad yesterday, press judge Sigmar Carmelia names various matters that he believes are incorrect: 


“The Court has previously been in contact with Ms Kuijpers, who put a number of questions to the Court. It is striking that the answers are unfortunately not complete, and on some points have been incorrectly incorporated in the document. This does not do justice to the response of the Court to Mrs. Kuijpers' questions.” 


Court of Justice opposes Investico over Cramm 


In the article by Investico/De Groene Amsterdammer and the radio broadcast by Argos, ample attention was paid to the vicissitudes surrounding blogger Nardy Cramm. The Dutch journalist indicated in the documents that the gambling sector on the island is making her life miserable because she opposes the current system of master licensees and sub licenses. In addition, she continues to call that system illegal, which is against the sore leg of the sector, which indicates that it is fully legal. 


In the article in the paper, the press judge mainly opposes the documents relating to Cramm. For example, the documents of the Dutch investigative journalists stated that a judge had not excused himself in a case against Cramm. This while that judge previously worked as a lawyer for the gambling sector. The press judge wrote that he had clearly indicated to Investico/De Groene Amsterdammer/Argos that Judge Lasten had no reason to excuse himself, but that the defense could have submitted a request for challenge. It did not and during the hearing the defense did not raise the possible conflict of interest.  


Cramm, who stated in the Argos broadcast that she went into hiding abroad for fear of retaliation, is not just a blogger and journalist. She is also founder of the SBGOK foundation. That foundation conducts lawsuits against the master licensees and trust offices on the island on behalf of maltreated players. In the article in the Antilliaans Dagblad, the press judge nuances the comment in Argos that Cramm has lost three summary proceedings. According to the press judge, it should also have been mentioned for the balance of the piece that Cramm's foundation SBGOK also wins lawsuits against the online gambling companies. 

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