Carmabi is preparing for the future; Dr. Manfred van Veghel new director of Carmabi

WILLEMSTAD - The Carmabi (Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity) foundation is preparing towards a future in which the role of nature becomes increasingly important for mankind. During the past 10 years Carmabi has seen its activities double. New nature parks were added, the research institute and the number of studies have expanded enormously. And there are more and more requests for consultancy. In addition, the number of educational activities has also increased, because there is more and more interest in Curaçao's nature. That requires a new strategy and approach that suits this time of rapid changes.  

One of the biggest changes that will be implemented in the coming period is the step to Corporate Governance, says chairperson Odette Doest. This will make the organization more effective and transparent. There will be a Supervisory Board that will monitor the organization and we will take leave of the old statutory structure. The new director will get to work optimizing the organization, because it is expected that the role of nature is becoming increasingly important now that we as a world population are dealing with the consequences of climate change that also has a major impact on our vulnerable ecosystems and the biodiversity. This offers opportunities for an organization like Carmabi locally and in the region. Doest is also pleased that the contract was signed last week with the new director Dr. Manfred van Veghel, who has a lot of experience with the innovation of organizations.  

Dr. Manfred van Veghel is no stranger to Carmabi, as a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam, he spent 4 years researching coral reefs, which led, among other things to the discovery of massive coral reproduction in the Caribbean. Until today this is an important research topic at Carmabi. Van Veghel subsequently continued his career as a biology teacher at the Radulphus College and as a subject consultant for science, he supervised the introduction of the basic education in the Netherlands Antilles. 
He mainly obtained his management experience as a project, program and transition manager at ABN AMRO, ING and Hospital Nobo Otrobanda, among others. And as a consultant and trainer at a large number of organizations in Europe and within the Caribbean, especially in the financial world, but also in many other sectors. As HNO program manager, he has, among other things, also ensured that the current Curaçao Medical Center could be opened. He is currently the leader of the consortium for the Klein Curaçao RESEMBID project, of which Carmabi is also a part.  

Dr. van Veghel will start the transfer on November 1, 2023. He will take over the work activities of Paul Stokkermans, who has been the director of Carmabi since April 2010 and who will retire at the end of this year. Paul Stokkermans has doubled the size of the Carmabi foundation. The board thanks him for his enormous efforts and contribution to the growth of the organization, the realization of a beautiful new building with research facilities and guesthouses. But certainly, also leading the organization through the COVID period.