Agreement medical specialists and Social Insurance Bank adapted

WILLEMSTAD - Every medical specialist in Curaçao must be affiliated with a hospital institution. This rule comes into force with effect from January 1, 2019.

To this end, an addendum has recently been signed belonging to the Covenant Specialists between the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) and the Association of Medical Specialists Curaçao (VMSC). This was announced by the SVB. The signatures of SVB director Philip Martis and VMSC chairman Alex Saleh are included.

This covenant goes back several years. What has now been signed is an addition to this. In the framework of agreements between SVB and VMSC for the promotion of the quality of specialist medical care, both signed a covenant in December 2010 about the registration obligation for the SVB collaborating medical specialists.


This covenant was extended in March 2016 and has a duration of up to and including 2020. The parties have drawn up several criteria in consultation to guarantee the quality such as fully exercising the profession, the promotion of expertise in the form of additional training by participating in courses and trainings. 

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