A major shift in Curaçao politics: MFK biggest party

WILLEMSTAD - The opposition party Movementu Futuro Korsou (MFK) has become the big winner of the Parliamentary elections on Curacao. Party leader Gilmar "Pik" Pisas won 27.8 percent of the vote. Due to the distribution of a large number of residual seats, this is good for 9 of 21 seats in parliament. Outgoing Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath's party comes in second with 13.9 percent with four seats. Number three is the PNP with new party leader Ruthmilda Larmonie-Cecilia, good for four seats.

Other parties obtaining seats are MAN (down from 5 to 2) and newcomers KEM from Michelangelo "Lo" Martines (1) and Trabou pa Korsou from Rennox Calmes (1).


Pisas had already indicated that his party does not want to work with PAR. PNP seems like a serious option. Both Pisas and number 2 of the PNP Ornelio "Kid" Martina indicated that they are open to cooperation between their parties.


Among other things, the package of agreements with the Netherlands, through the administrative body COHO, will be put on the table as a subject. A few months ago, the Netherlands and Curacao signed financial aid from the Netherlands in exchange for far-reaching Curacao reforms. MFK has already indicated that it is not happy with the agreements made - Curacao has to surrender too much in the eyes of the party.


Parties to disappear from parliament are PIN of former Minister of Public Health Suzanne Camelia Romer (4.4%), Korsou di Nos Tur of businessman Amparo dos Santos, Movementu Progresivo of Dr. Marilyn Moses and Pueblo Soberano, the party of murdered politician Helmin Wiels. The newcomers of Un Kambio Pa Korsou were 51 votes short for a seat. Vishon and pro-Netherlands party Kumun also failed to reach the electoral treshold. Just like Kousa Prome, which was fighting for independence.

The final results will be announced on Wednesday morning at 10 am. Then it will also be announced how many votes have been cast for individual persons.


Gilmar "Pik" Pisas has been associated with the MFK party since its beginning. Pisas comes from Barber, on the west side of Curacao, where his party also won decisively. Pisas became party leader after his predecessor, former prime minister Gerrit Schotte was convicted of money laundering, fraud, and official corruption. Former police officer Pisas emphasized in the run-up to these elections that he is committed to a clean MFK.