The government asks for patience for road repairs

WILLEMSTAD - The Council of Ministers has recently approved an emergency plan to ensure that the condition of the Curaçao roads does not deteriorate further. The intention is that this week an accelerated recovery of the roads will start, which will include filling potholes.

Temporary covers will also be placed where more work is required than just filling holes. Several unpaved roads will also receive attention, according to the government.

According to the government, a lack of money and the many rain showers in recent times have made the maintenance of the Curaçao roads difficult. To maintain the streets, the Public Works (OW) service must have sufficient funds every year. But the Covid-19 pandemic has ensured that a large part of the government's budget has been spent on keeping the community safe, among other things. Everything was also done to ensure that people could keep their jobs.

The money, which was initially intended for maintenance of the roads, had to be used for this. This is according to the government. OW therefore had little to spend in 2020 and has done some road repairs where possible.

Curaçao is still in a dire situation as a result of Covid-19, so the available funds are still very limited. But the government agrees that something needs to be done. That is why, in October last year, the OW was already commissioned to start the road repairs. "But given the very poor condition of many roads on Curaçao, intensive continuation of the work is also necessary in 2021," said the government.

The government further says that the expressed discontent and the annoyances from the community about the condition of the Curaçao roads have led to some people and groups taking matters into their own hands and starting to fill the potholes.

For example, the well-known gym owner Bob Esprit hired people at his own expense and also brought asphalt for a number of potholes on the Sta. Rosa road. Luigi Faneyte's political party KUMUN has also carried out repairs in the Dominguito district at his own expense.

According to the government, these own initiatives come across as noble, but in fact these actions are illegal. "Road repairs may only take place with the permission and permit of the Ministry of Traffic, Transport and Spatial Planning," said the government.

The government is still asking the community to be patient and promises that there will be visible improvement in a few weeks, because contracting companies that have a contract with the government will do the work soon.