St. Maarten’s MP applauds efforts in blockchain and crypto opportunities for country

Brison’s entire salary to be paid and converted to Bitcoin Cash

PHILIPSBURG - Leader of the United People’s Party and Member of Parliament Rolando Brison believes the country should continue to find a responsible and effective manner to delve into the ever-growing cryptocurrency phenomenon, and has requested updates from the Minister of Finance on his plans for using blockchain technology in government. In the advent of the successful Blockchain Conference that was held by the Minister, Brison in a letter to the Minister of Finance is also requesting his entire salary to be converted to Bitcoin Cash, the cryptocurrency that the MP considers to be “innovative, fast growing and convenient cryptocurrency”.

“I believe St. Maarten has a chance to be the ‘Crypto Capital of the Caribbean’ if we continue to innovate and embrace cryptocurrency and all the benefits of blockchain technology,” stated Brison. The MP said he has been monitoring blockchain and cryptocurrency for several years, but has ramped up his own research since the blockchain conference organized by the Central Bank and Minister of Finance Ardwell Irion late last year. “In addition to the very well attended and informative conference, during the last press briefing of 2021, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology integration and acceptance was a stated priority area of the Minister of Finance. I appreciate the Minister’s idea of adopting the “I” in finance as “innovation”, and hope to do the same with the “I’s” in Parliamentarian. I hope to now be first in line to be able to accept my salary in Bitcoin Cash, once the Minister has launched the requisite pilot project” stated Brison.

Brison believes access to money and international commerce is the key to prosperity for all locals. Therefore, he emphasizes both an improved consumer banking experience by means of his banking legislation (which is soon to be vetted by the Central Bank), as well as the innovative use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

“The concept of ‘Money’ has been experiencing and will continue to experience a wave of innovation. This innovation comes as we as a country and as Parliamentarians are faced with more questions on how to adapt our local currency and (E)commerce for a digital world. Fortunately, the answer lies right in front of us – Bitcoin Cash. By having my entire salary paid in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) I hope to signal my belief that it represents a viable additional means of commerce, transacting and savings in St. Maarten. Bitcoin Cash is already the most widely accepted cryptocurrency on the island and is increasingly accepted in the Kingdom, the region and the world.”


Brison believes the next important step to be in crypto legislation. “While we need to improve our legacy forms of commercial banking by means of my proposed consumer banking legislation, we simultaneously need create legislation to make cryptocurrency transactions even more effective and worthwhile in St. Maarten. As such I have already started exploring legislation to make Bitcoin Cash official legal tender in St. Maarten, and also fully exempt Bitcoin Cash and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) transactions from capital gains tax. Such legislation has lead to Dubai and Puerto Rico bringing billions to their economies, and we can do the same by legislating it locally” concluded Brison.

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