Planting trees and a clean nest: two projects Cura Doet in the national parks

WILLEMSTAD - During the coming edition of the yearly project, Cura DOET, which takes places on March 15th and 16th, there are two important projects that will be completed for Carmabi. The foundation has planned two specific projects and is being supported by the Governor J.R. Lauffer VSBO School. Students of the first and second class of the VSBO and teachers of the school in Rio Canario, will be working on two interesting and important activities with regards to nature conservation and management. The activities take place at the National Park Shete Boka and Christoffel Park. The Carmabi Foundation manages both parks.

The classes are divided in two teams. One team will focus on planting indigenous tree species at the Savonet Country house in the Christoffel Park. By planting the trees, a “relax and stroll area” is being created next to the Country house. They use rare indigenous trees from the Carmabi tree nursery. These are trees that naturally belong here on Curaçao. Together with John de Freitas, head of the Advisory and Consultancy department and biologist at Carmabi, the trees are being planted.

The second team will go the National Park Shete Boka. In this park there are a few bays (Boka’s) where sea turtles lay their eggs. These are very valuable locations for these international endangered sea turtles. The team will be cleaning the boka’s leading up to the nesting season of the turtles (March – November). This project is being done together with Erik Houtepen, biologist at Carmabi. He leads the sea turtle monitoring project in the park and can inform the students about how important these bays are and what they can do to keep protecting the sea turtles.

“Last month we already provided two lectures about the terrestrial nature of the island and about sea turtles. This way, we informed the students about the importance of their input during Cura DOET.” Says John de Freitas


The students get information about our local nature in a fun way. Therewith Carmabi wants to increase the involvement of young people in our nature.

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