No technical malfunction in crash NH90-helicopter

WILLEMSTAD - The fatal crash of the NH90 combat helicopter of the Dutch Navy near Aruba does not seem to be the result of a technical or mechanical failure.


That is the preliminary conclusion of the Dutch Safety Board (OVV) and the Defense Security Inspectorate (IVD), which are investigating the accident.

Based on an on-site investigation and an initial analysis of the data from the available sources, including the recorder of the crashed device, the OVV and IVD consider it “unlikely” that a defect caused the crash.

The investigation shows that the helicopter unexpectedly descended and crashed into the sea. Further investigation will have to show how the helicopter got into this situation. Soon, “various aspects” of the accident will be examined, including the course of the fatal flight.

The National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) comes to the same conclusion in a second opinion. The Dutch Navy, therefore, sees no reason to keep the helicopters on the ground any longer.

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