Follow The Money: Curaçao is a paradise for illegal online casinos

WILLEMSTAD - Many online casinos are active in Curaçao. The island has over 12,000 sports betting and casino gaming websites. This is forty percent of the global unregulated supply. Follow The Money (FTM) writes this in an extensive article on their website. FTM is a journalistic platform. They write transparent messages and investigate the truth by investigating people, systems and organizations that misbehave.

“Curaçao has this position because of its low tax rates, good internet cables and server warehouses”, according to Follow The Money. The government does not seem to be able to do anything to tackle the sector. The Netherlands exerts pressure by imposing conditions on the financial support. The government of the Netherlands is now trying in exchange for corona support.

Five men and a woman were lifted from their beds by the Dutch justice in June because they were involved in the popular online casinos Oranje Casino and Koon Casino until 2014. By offering the games of chance, the group would have earned 250 million euros.

Follow The Money has a list of Vixio, which contains 150,000 domain names of casinos that have been blacklisted somewhere in the world since 2017. These figures show that 38.5 percent of the traceable unregulated gambling offer is located in Curaçao.


The organization reports that the online casinos often do not carry out age checks or they deliberately target teenagers. It is also suspected that they are used to launder money. The Public Prosecution Service links the illegal gambling site Edobet to the Hague organization of the drug criminal Piet S. Enkele. Former football player Dirk Kuyt would have placed bets for thousands of euros on it.

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