The Hague busy with aviation treaties for Curacao and Sint Maarten

THE HAGUE - Curaçao wants to conclude (new) aviation treaties with no fewer than 34 countries. Sint Maarten is a bit more modest with 10 countries. This is evident from an overview that Minister Stef Blok of Foreign Affairs has sent to the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament today.

International treaties are a matter of the kingdom with the other countries conducted by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The list sent by Minister Blok to the Chamber includes the countries with which negotiations were underway on 1 April.

In addition to several countries in the region such as Colombia and Trinidad, Curaçao also wants to make treaties with Gambia, Ghana, the Seychelles, Vietnam and Iceland, among others. The wish list of Sint Maarten includes Qatar, Luxembourg and also Iceland.

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