First cruise ship with tourists arrives in Curaçao on June 10

WILLEMSTAD - After a very long period of not receiving cruise ships filled with passengers, the first ship, Celebrity Cruises, will arrive in Curaçao this week. The crew and passengers have been vaccinated and are all tested for the coronavirus before departure.

The ship, the Celebrity Millennium, arrives on Thursday 10 June – for the very first time – in Sint Anna Bay.

Originally, the ship was supposed to arrive in Curaçao on Monday June 7, but the sailing route was changed. According to Albert Elens, of Maduro Shipping, this has to do with the supply of the ship, 'this has to take place in Barbados and so the planning has changed slightly'. After Barbados, the Celebrity Millennium also stops in Aruba and then sails on to Curaçao.

Between 500 and 1,000 tourists boarded the cruise ship. “These are mainly American tourists,” explains Elens. “To board the ship, all passengers over the age of 18 must be vaccinated. The last shot must have been administered at least two weeks ago. In order to fly to Sint Maarten, all tourists had to be able to demonstrate a negative PCR test and before boarding the ship they do an antigen test.” Numerous measures are taken to prevent infections on board.

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