Elements Hotel & Shops Curacao: Showcasing Curacao's charm on The Price is Right

WILLEMSTAD - In an exciting development for tourism in Curacao, Elements Hotel & Shops Curacao was recently featured as a vacation prize on the legendary TV game show, The Price is Right. Hosted by Drew Carey and aired nationally on CBS (with an average of 6m viewers), this showcase has put a spotlight on Curacao as a captivating destination for US tourists, demonstrating Elements Hotel & Shops Curacao's commitment to promoting the island's unique beauty and culture.  While the prize was not won, the island enjoyed fantastic coverage. 

Recent statistics reveal a significant uptrend in Curacao's popularity among US travelers, with the island experiencing a double-digit increase in visitors from the United States over the past two years. This growth is a testament to Curacao's appeal as a destination that combines beautiful beaches, vibrant cultural experiences, and unparalleled hospitality. Initiatives like the feature on The Price is Right play a crucial role in continuing this momentum, drawing attention to Curacao's offerings on a national scale and inviting more explorers to discover its shores. 

"We are immensely proud to have Elements Hotel & Shops Curacao featured on a platform as iconic as The Price is Right," said Karan Mirchandani, the hotel's Managing Director. "This exposure is not just about showcasing our hotel but also about shining a light on Curacao as an emerging hotspot for US tourists. Our goal is to support the island's tourism industry by presenting Curacao as a must-visit location, full of adventure, relaxation, and cultural richness." 

The collaboration with The Price is Right aligns with Elements Hotel & Shops Curacao's broader vision to support and contribute to the growth of Curacao's tourism sector. By introducing the island to a wide audience, the initiative seeks to boost local businesses, from restaurants and shops to tour operators, enriching the tourist experience and fostering sustainable economic development. 

The appearance of Elements Hotel & Shops Curacao on the show underscores the hotel's great steps it has made with respect to the island’s hospitality industry, dedicated to providing guests with an authentic and memorable stay. With its strategic location, the hotel offers easy access to Curacao's historic landmarks, stunning natural beauty, and the lively Punda district, making it an ideal base for exploration and discovery. 

"We extend our gratitude to the team at The Price is Right and CBS for this wonderful opportunity to participate in bringing Curacao into the homes of millions in the United States," added Karan Mirchandani. "We believe that such initiatives are pivotal for the island, highlighting Curacao's status as a growing market for international tourism, especially from the US. We look forward to welcoming new visitors inspired by the show and are excited for the future of tourism in Curacao." 

The episode featuring Elements Hotel & Shops Curacao aired on March 20, 2024, captivating viewers with the allure of Curacao's tropical landscapes and vibrant culture. The feature will run multiple times until the promotional offer is wonFor travelers inspired to experience Curacao's charm, Elements Hotel & Shops offers a gateway to a vacation filled with discovery, comfort, and unforgettable momentsViewers can see the segment on Element’s social platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.