Turkey summons Dutch ambassador over Hague protestor who tore up Koran

ANKARA - Turkey has summoned the Dutch ambassador over a recent protest with the Koran in The Hague. Edwin Wagensveld of the anti-Islam group Pegida tore up a Koran in front of the temporary Tweede Kamer building on Sunday. 


“We condemn and protest this heinous and despicable act,” Turkey’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The authorities demand that the Netherlands not allow such “provocative actions.” 


The Ministry also referred to a Koran burning by right-wing extremists in Sweden last week. These hate crimes insult Turkey's “sacred values,” the Ministry said. “This makes clear that Islamophobia, discrimination, and xenophobia know no borders in Europe.” 


According to Pegida leader Wagensveld, this is a “typical” reaction from Turkey. “Turkey constantly meddles in things that happen in European countries that do not concern Turkey, but if it happens the other way around, that is suddenly inappropriate.” The leader of the far-right anti-Islam group is displeased that the Dutch ambassador is going to the Turkish Ministry. “We allow Turkis interference in this way. We do nothing about it and just let it happen.” Wagensveld said the ambassador should get a permanent parking space at the Ministry “because this will happen more often.” 


Wagensveld was by himself when he tore up the Koran on Sunday. He wanted to burn the book, but the police officers at the scene stopped him.