Travel insurers seeing spike in missing suitcase claims since chaos at Schiphol

SCHIPHOL - Travel insurers are noticing a spike in claims from passengers who lost their suitcases due to the chaos at Schiphol and other European airports. Customers can get reimbursed for the costs they incur at their destination, such as for toiletries or clothing. Insurers expect a flood of claims once the 60 days airlines have to find missing suitcases lapses, AD reports.


Centraal Beheer has received 240 claims for “temporary provisions” so far. Travelers whose luggage doesn’t arrive at the destination can claim up to 250 euros for necessary purchases like toiletries, swimsuits, or other clothing. 


Unigarant, the ANWB’s insurance company, has received “several hundreds” of claims and telephone calls from customers. It can’t say how many of those were for missing suitcases, but it is definitely “more than average.” 


Centraal Beheer expects that the claims so far are just the beginning. Applications for total compensation for lost luggage will start flowing in the coming days and weeks. “We don’t expect most of the claims until the autumn. If you lose your suitcase, your airline has 60 days to find it. If that is not possible, we will process the claim.” 


Customers who are not insured can also recover the damage from their airline. 


Schiphol told AD that it still had suitcases between the baggage belt. “Luggage is constantly returned to the owner, but new ones can also be added. The number of left-behind suitcases is getting smaller and smaller,” a spokesperson said. 

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