The Netherlands to earmark €2 billion for Ukraine support next year

AMSTERDAM - The Netherlands will allocate over two billion euros for aid to Ukraine next year, the Ministers of Defense, Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation reported on Friday. The vast majority of this fund is intended for military support in the war against Russia, with portions also allocated for recovery, reconstruction and cybersecurity. 

“The Netherlands continues to support Ukraine. With this significant amount we are sending a clear signal: Ukraine could and can continue to count on us,” said outgoing Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren. With this amount, the Cabinet wants to fulfill the promise made at the NATO summit last summer in Vilnius to commit to long-term support for Ukraine. 

According to the outgoing Minister, Ukraine's immediate needs include ammunition and support to maintain its existing arsenal of weapon systems. The Netherlands is looking to enhance Ukraine's air defense capabilities, enabling the country to defend itself against attacks on its critical infrastructure. 

The support package includes various forms of assistance, such as commercial purchasing, delivery from existing stock, and collaboration with international partners. Funding will also be allocated for the recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine, as well as for enhancing its cybersecurity. The Netherlands also plans to continue training Ukrainian soldiers in 2024. 

The amount set aside for next year is slightly lower than the 2.5 billion euros earmarked for Ukraine this year. This summer, an additional 1.7 billion euros was added to that.