TeamNL upset over quarantine conditions for Olympians in Tokyo

TOKYO - Dutch sports umbrella organization NOC*NSF filed a complaint with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and enlisted the help of the Dutch ambassador in Japan regarding the situation in which TeamNL members have to quarantine in Tokyo, Maurits Hendriks of the NOC*NSF said in a press conference on Tuesday, reports.

Four Dutch athletes and two supervisors are currently facing poor conditions in the quarantine hotel, because they tested positive for the coronavirus during the Olympic Games, according to Hendriks. There were reports that another Dutch tennis player tested positive, but this was not confirmed by NOC*NSF by Tuesday afternoon.

"The most important thing is that the people in question are not allowed to see daylight at any time. They are also not allowed to get fresh air outside. In addition, there are problems with the food, which is very Japanese-oriented," Hendriks said. "We want to get rid of the small spaces. We are very unhappy with the circumstances. And there I am expressing myself very mildly."

"We find this situation very worrying and really unacceptable," Hendriks said. "It is not what you expect from the Japanese organization when it comes to isolation. Those people have already lost their Olympic dream and are then put in bad conditions."


According to Hendriks, NOC*NSF had no choice but to take this up with the IOC and Dutch ambassador. "Sharing it like this is really something in Japan, but action must be taken. We won't be thanked, but this shows how important it is to us. The rules are unclear."

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