Netherlands reduces coronavirus warnings for 8 countries, incl. Germany & Italy

THE HAGUE - With the coronavirus situation improving in many European countries, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to relax the coronavirus travel warning for eight countries. Effective Thursday, recreational travel will be allowed in these countries again as their travel advice shifts from code orange - only necessary travel - to code yellow - be aware of possible safety risks.

This applies to all of Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. It also applies to Norway, with the exception of some regions that are still on code orange.

Travelers to code yellow countries do not have to show a negative coronavirus test when they return to the Netherlands, and they do not have to quarantine upon their return. It is still important that travelers prepare well for their trip and keep abreast of the developments during their stay, the Ministry said. "The situation in a country can change quickly."

The countries involved may also set their own restrictions and requirements on people coming from abroad, the Ministry added. "It is therefore advisable to read the entire travel advice and not to rely on the color code alone."

The Ministry's travel advice for other countries can be found here.

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