Netherlands in 9th for EU Covid vaccines; 6.1 million shots estimated

AMSTERDAM - The Netherlands was in ninth place among the 30 countries in the European Union and the European Economic Area for Covid-19 vaccine uptake. Some 33.3 percent of all adults in the Netherlands have received at least one dose of a vaccine, equivalent to about 4.7 million people.

The EU/EEA average is 31.3 percent, according to data supplied to the ECDC. The Netherlands was performing slightly better than Estonia and was just behind Austria.

For the fully vaccinated figures, the Netherlands sat tied for 22nd place with Germany with 9.7 percent of adults fully vaccinated. That equals about 1.4 million adults. The EU/EEA average is 11.8 percent.

Public health agency RIVM said that an estimated 6,101,271 Covid-19 vaccines have been administered in the Netherlands through Thursday. That was 120,595 more than the previous day.

Although it was the second day that Dutch authorities estimated over 120 thousand vaccines were given in a day, the Netherlands looked like it could miss its target this week of 815,056 by about four percent.

The GGD municipal health service was in the process of ramping up its capacity to inject up to two million people per week, and 60 hospitals began preparations to provide another million. Filling that capacity depends on the amount of vaccine doses which arrive in the Netherlands, with a minimum of 6.7 million expected through June.

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