Health Min. gives green light for third Covid shot for up to 400,000 people

THE HAGUE - People with a very serious immune disorder will be able to receive a third Covid-19 jab. In doing so, the Cabinet is following the advice of the Dutch Health Council. People with such a disorder will receive an invitation for a booster shot from their primary doctor beginning in October, the Cabinet announced on Tuesday.

This concerns between about 200,000 and 400,000 patients, according to caretaker Health Minister Hugo de Jonge. They can get the injection at a GGD vaccination location. The extra jab can provide a better immune response in this group of people, according to the Cabinet.

The RIVM has decided which patients are eligible for an extra shot against the coronavirus disease in consultation with medical specialists.

De Jonge further said that there will be no booster shot for other people, not even for the elderly as is happening in some countries. According to the minister, this is not necessary because the vaccines are very effective. If it should become necessary, "the GGD and RIVM are ready for a booster campaign".


The vaccines most commonly used in the Netherlands are 95 percent effective in preventing serious symptoms of Covid-19 which lead to hospitalization, and 97 percent of cases which require treatment in an intensive care unit.

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