Geert Wilders wants to join the government again after years of opposition

THE HAGUE - PVV party leader Geert Wilders wants to form a majority government again after years in opposition, he said in an interview with De Telegraaf. "It's a nice thing for me to be involved in limiting the influx of asylum. It's a chance to tackle big problems - from asylum to purchasing power. Everyone has to jump over their shadows to do this." 


He called it "reasonable" that new VVD leader Dilan Yeşilgöz no longer excludes the PVV from forming a new coalition. "If Yeşilgöz does not do this, she will capitulate to the left-wing parties. This is electorally smart, but I also hope she is serious." 

In his opinion, the elections are about livelihood, income, purchasing power, asylum and migration. A solution to the influx of asylum seekers must be found, and Wilders says that can only happen with the PVV. "The left will not govern with us, the VVD can govern with anyone," he said. 


The PVV's election program states that the party still favors an asylum stop but also supports measures to reduce the asylum influx. "On the way to the asylum stop we seek and need, we support measures that significantly reduce the influx of asylum seekers and other migrants," according to the election program. 


That passage was "not placed there by chance," Wilders told De Telegraaf. "This is of course a signal that we will negotiate reasonably and not say, 'That's it.' I am convinced that a national asylum stop will work. But if other parties don't want that, they should make proposals that lead to a much lower influx." In the field of climate, he is prepared for 'a mix'. “We have no taboos and no breaking points,” he told the newspaper. 


Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte would not work with Wilders unless he retracted his statements about fewer Moroccans. To date, Wilders has not done so.