Businesses pleased the Netherlands voted for a pro-European majority in EU election

AMSTERDAM - Organizations representing businesses in the Netherlands said it was a positive sign that exit polling showed that the pro-European parties will win a large majority of Dutch seats in European Parliament. The country was the first in the European Union to start and complete their voting in the four-day election, which ends on Sunday. 

"The new European Parliament and the new European Commission will have a major task to make Europe more resilient in all respects and to ensure that doing business within the EU becomes easier," said VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland after the polls closed on Thursday. 

The two organizations said they were pleased that voter turnout was higher, and that more people recognize the importance of these European elections. "Europe is important for our security, our economic development and for successfully tackling major cross-border problems such as climate." 

It is important for entrepreneurs that Europe's competitiveness is strengthened, regulatory pressure is tackled and the strength of the internal market is restored, they said. The EU must also be better prepared for the possibility of major geopolitical conflicts and become less dependent on other major powers for "various matters," the business organizations said. 

"In a geopolitically turbulent world, we benefit from a stable and strong European Union. Only together we are stronger."