Trial holiday TUI and Corendon to Curaçao canceled at the last minute

SCHIPHOL - TUI and Corendon canceled the trial holiday to Curaçao at the last minute due to the increasing corona infections. On Tuesday it was announced that the trial trips to Curaçao and Rhodes had been given the green light.

On April 12, a plane from Sunweb and Transavia with 189 travelers will depart for Rhodes for the trial holiday organized by Sunweb and Transavia.

During the same period, a trial trip was supposed to be carried out by TUI in collaboration with Corendon. “The trip to Curaçao was almost arranged,” Corendon spokeswoman Audrey Denkelaar told "Due to the increasing infections on the island, we had to cancel the trip at the last minute."

Travelers would have more freedom of movement during the TUI and Corendon trip. “In this way, the pilot trip to Rhodes, where travelers live in a bubble, could be tested alongside our trip to see what the different effects are,” continues Denkelaar.

"For the travelers to Curaçao it would be a more interesting trip because they would be allowed to move around the island more," says Denkelaar. Travelers would fly to the island with a TUI plane and stay there in a Corendon hotel.

TUI and Corendon are now busy in consultation with the Dutch RIVM and the government to organize another test trip. “Little is known about this, but we are looking for a destination closer to home,” says Denkelaar. "We hope the trip can take place at the end of April, but that all depends on the talks with the government and the circumstances surrounding the pandemic."

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