Tourists on Curaçao: "We notice little of the corona measures"

WILLEMSTAD - Tourism is slowly getting back on track in Curaçao. Since the borders reopened in July, up to 10,000 travelers per month have been allowed into the island. Curaçao is a safe holiday destination due to the relatively few infections.

Even now that local infections have been detected again for the first time since March, most tourists do not notice the extra measures. Beaches are accessible. And the beach clubs and restaurants are also open to visitors.

On Sunday it was announced during a press conference that three local infections were detected in the past week. This means that the island has been scaled up to "phase 2". According to the island's epidemiologist, Izzy Gerstenbluth, this is no reason to panic. "As a precaution, we have canceled all events for the next two weeks and we ask everyone to observe the social hygiene rules extra carefully."

Upscaling possible

Beach clubs and restaurants may remain open during this phase. "We do ask to take into account that not too many people come together." Should more new infections appear in the coming weeks, we will scale up to phase 3, which requires stricter measures.

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