Starbucks new color changing cold cups

It’s a set of five colorful reusable cups in each package with matching lids and usable straws , this is the new Starbucks hit , cups switch shades when a cold beverage is poured inside them, when the cups turn cold, rose changes to a deep red, citron changes from yellow to bright green, blue changes from baby blue to cobalt blue, apricot from pastel orange to a darker orange ,they are only available in the U.S. and Canada, Curacao Chronicle contacted the Starbucks store on the island of Curacao for any information regarding when will those cups be available for sale , it seems that the market here is on the waiting list , Starbucks had lately a billion $ worth one of a lifetime free advertisement accidentally happened in a Game of Throne latest episode, the “coffee cup” that appeared was a mistake that has been eliminated digitally later on after it circulated around social media for quiet sometime.

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