Sandals Resorts sees vacation bookings outpace pre-COVID numbers

Sandals executive chairman, Adam Stewart, discussed the remarkable nearly 25% increase in Caribbean vacation bookings versus 2019.

Stewart told Varney & Co. on Tuesday that it has already seen 25% more vacation bookings in 2021 than it had during the pre-COVID pandemic in 2019.

Stewart said: “People have lost their vacations. They have lost the freedom to move about due to the realities of the pandemic, and what we’re seeing today is a huge resurgence.

“The phones are ringing, our calls and our booking pace is about 25% over 2019 which was one of the best years ever for travel and certainly our best year, so it’s getting very, very exciting down here in the Caribbean.

“It shows you the relationship between vaccinations; it shows you travel is one of the most beautiful things in the world; it shows you a different way.

“People have adored the Caribbean, it’s close to the Americas, and we’re seeing over 25% right now for our booking pace. It’s saying clearly to me that people are ready to move. They have lost that ability [to stay put].

“They want their summer holiday. We’ve seen a huge rush for the summer. And, of course, they are leaning into the brands that they trust, and Sandals has led the Caribbean in that for the last 40 years.”

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