Ocean Encounters Curaçao unveils a new look

WILLEMSTAD - To put it mildly, 2020 hasn’t gone the way we all expected, but Ocean Encounters’ is back with a new look, a renewed sense of purpose and the same passionate feeling for our underwater world, vowing "we are ready to take you diving".

“The Ocean Encounters rebranding initiative started back in 2019 because we wanted to freshen the existing logo, that is now 17-years old, with a modern look while maintaining the wonderful feeling of the old design that the industry has grown to recognize over the years, says Jeremiah Peek (Owner).


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This rebranding is more of a metamorphosis really that perfectly describes not only the company’s evolution but also its strength and determination to continually provide the best possible value and outstanding service for their divers.  To maintain this feel, it was important that the core images of the shark fin, dive flag, and the ocean wave simply glided together into one single icon which is now represented by a ray, a beautiful underwater creature that continually moves through the water with graceful determination.

Since the coronavirus epidemic started back in March of this year, our Dutch Caribbean Island of Curaçao has been largely unaffected by COVID-19 and is proud to be nearly 100% COVID free with only 1 current active case. This is largely due to pro-active measures by Government which included an order to shelter in place. “When the borders closed, and we were ordered to stay home, we used the time to think of ways we could improve our facilities.” says Pol Bosch (Operations Manager). "When the order was lifted and we could move around more freely, we used the little resources we had to implement some of those ideas. This included a redesign and a complete remodel of our rental area, repair room and the employee locker room. It’s amazing that a bunch of dive instructors, have learned to build walls, wire electricity, paint and grind concrete floors,” Pol laughs.

The graceful determination of Ocean Encounters, that is now symbolized in their new logo, is truly underlined with their unending work to ensure peace of mind for your health and safety. To prepare for your arrival, Ocean Encounters together with LionsDive Beach Resort and Sunscape Curaçao Resort, Spa and Casino, has adopted and implemented COVID-19 procedures to ensure a safe snorkeling and scuba diving experience while on vacation.

“Upon entering the shop, touch free hand sanitizer is available, while our new logo on the floor guides guests to the reception to ensure social distancing. We’ve incorporated plexiglass barriers and tablets to fill in digital waivers to eliminate human contact. Our rental gear is disinfected before and after use and we have specially disinfected rinse tanks for divers with their own gear. On the boat, each diver sets up at least 6ft apart and individual fresh-water buckets are available for masks, cameras, or anything else you need to get wet. Once underwater, everyone is safe, and the diving has been epic lately!” says Jeremiah

When you add it all up, Ocean Encounters together with their accommodation partners, are ready to provide you with the perfect vacation here on Curaçao because they have not left anything to chance.

We hope to see you soon!    


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